Welcome to my website! My name is Julia Bruns - I'm a photographer, big dog lover, fantasy enthusiast, and part time dreamer! Thank you so much for stopping by to learn a little more about me! I believe in real moments - and the magic that hides within them. Being a photographer means I'm blessed enough to seek out that everyday magic in every photoshoot I do!

Being a photographer means so much more than just operating a camera (though don't worry - I've got that one taken care of!) When you book me as your photographer, you're ensuring real moments of love, happiness, and joy. I want to capture your personality, your relationship, your chemistry - your light! Being photographed, especially for the first time, can be so nerve-wracking sometimes, but I'll guide you right into the spotlight and show you all the fun (sometimes hilarious!) ways to bring out your true personality!

I've been a photographer for just about six years now. What started as a casual hobby, a coping mechanism, and a tactic of escapism has become my passion, my true love, and a new way to escape from reality! I have experience in all kinds of different photography, but after I started capturing portraits, I knew it was what I was meant to do! I'm not your traditional photographer - I shot my first wedding in my junior year of high school and, if you ask me, my age might surprise you. I'm all about ambition and the relentless pursuit of magic in every day life! 

I hope you take some more time to poke around through my website - check out my portfolio, and head over to the blog to read detailed accounts of all different kinds of photoshoots! When you're ready to book (or just chat & ask questions!) head over to my contact page. You can also send me an email at juliabrunsphotography@gmail.com. I am SO excited to hear from you soon - have a fantastic day! :)

My name's Julia - how you doin'?
Fantasy - fairytales about adventure and love inspire me so much! I love bringing a dash of whimsy into any kind of shoot!
I have such a crazy eclectic taste in music - I love Billy Joel, Elton John, Taylor Swift, Lorde, ABBA, Sublime, Arctic Monkeys, and Fleetwood Mac!
I'm pretty on and off when it comes to my love of coffee - I can never miss with a caramel macchiato and a blueberry muffin!