Day at the Fair and Meadow Exploration

Hello hello! I'm so happy with the photos that I took last week. I recently made a vow to try and start getting out every single day to take photos. I'd been experiencing a lack of motivation and there's nothing like a challenge to get you out of the house. And so far it's worked!

On Friday I went to the Grange Fair in Newtown, Pennsylvania, to visit some friends, enjoy some carnival food, and see some animals! I took quite a few photos and had a great time.

Just yesterday, Saturday evening, a few friends of mine trekked to a favorite old road of ours. I could sit there all day and photograph the many deer that run about - we left early and I didn't get too many shots, but we still had a great picnic! Hopefully that means I have a good future as a travel photographer.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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