Birthday Expeditions!

Okay, so maybe driving around nearby counties with your Dad doesn't exactly count as an 'expedition' - but today I turned 16 years old, and my Dad and I went out exploring nearby so I could photograph! Our first stop brought us to Skyline Drive in Reading. We visited the Pagoda, enjoyed the beautiful views, and stopped by the William Penn Fire Tower, which featured some impressive architecture.

We drove back down the opposing side of the ridge and found ourselves at Antietam Lake, which features a beautiful dam, a trickling waterfall, and some exquisite autumn leaves. I'm so, so happy that the leaves have finally started to turn - I'm going somewhere special this upcoming weekend and they're definitely going to play a huge part in my photos! But I won't spoil that yet. For now, enjoy the photos that I took today, and let me know what you think of them below!

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