It's December Already?! What I've Been Up To

It feels like I haven't sat down with a blog post in forever! In fact, looking at the dates - as of literally right now, it's been one month since I wrote and posted a blog here.

So sorry about that!

In truth, I have no good excuse for this - life has been pretty great lately and I have literally nothing to complain about. So in lieu of an excuse, I'll just key you guys in on what I've been up to lately!

To put things simply, if I have to complain about anything right now, it's myself. I haven't really picked up the camera in weeks! Admittedly this is partly out of laziness, but it is partially because of lack of inspiration. Once again, life is wonderful - but I still ache to travel right now, and for me that's the most enjoyable, educational, and transformative kind of photography that I can explore.

Which is why I'm so looking forward to this new year! It's not even January yet and I'm already overstuffing these next twelve months with as many travel opportunities as possible. If you haven't already, I highly recomend you subscribe to my website so you can stay updated - no spoilers yet, but I can promise I am leaving the country this year. So stick around to watch it happen!

If you're feeling a similar lack of jazz in life right now, let's just agree not to get too down in the dumps about it. It's December, the time for holidays, family, friends, and general overeating. So let's enjoy it for as long as we have it! In the meantime, I can promise (and try my best to fulfill it) that come 2017, you'll be seeing a lot more from me.

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