How to Fit a Season in One Week, and a New Lens

I'll be the first to admit, I am a pro at procrastinating. Which explains why I haven't posted a new blog post since January. I'm sure there are some other meekly valid excuses - I'm a high school student with a job and three dogs to take care of, and sometimes I just straight up forget that I have a website to manage.

But I know the truth, and here I am saying it - I've been pushing this off. Because I'm kind of embarrassed, actually- I'm a photographer, I cry out, then I don't take a single photo for about two months. Two months??

It took me two months to realize that it was okay. I do tend to photograph more in the summer, when I'm going on vacations, and believe me, you'll be seeing a lot more activity once I start leaving the state! (And country... seriously, this summer is going to be great.)

So I forced myself to get out this past week, and - it was pretty disappointing. I'm really happy I got out and went hiking with friends! But this weather has me all kinds of confused, and the few photos I took were less than stellar.

Looking at the photos, I know I've done better, and I know I can do better, but in the two (three?) years I've now considered myself a photographer, I have grown so much. Enough to realize that every time I leave the house, I don't need to take the next best photo. It's more than enough to be able to go around and shoot this beautiful world, to compose a frame full of life and color, see through a lens of vigor and innocence at the big and little bits of the world.

Seeing is enough. Shooting, I've learned, is a privilege I'm still earning every single day.

But enough with all the dreary, inspirational talk! If you muddled through all that yapping, good for you! (And I really appreciate it.)

If you live anywhere near me, you know how weird the weather can be in Pennsylvania. And this past week - and also this coming week! - really showcase it. Let me explain.

This past Thursday? Beautiful. Stunning. 70 degrees easily. Sun and few clouds and just beautiful times. The next day? A twenty degree drop down to 40. And the day after? Another twenty degree drop.

Do you see what I mean? What is up with this weather!

But, just like we Pennsylvanians do, I've been rolling with it.

And with the crazy weather rolled in something I've been thinking about for months - a new lens!!

Words seriously can't describe how excited I was to finally order this lens. I kept going back and forth - should I save for something bigger, is this really what I need? I don't know why I kept doubting myself for so long - this lens is a miracle.

The Nikon 50mm f/1.8 is a dream to a photographer, me, who has only really had kit and zoom lenses. Which are wonderful, but f/1.8? For any other photographers out there, going from a standard f/3.5 to an f/1.8 just feels like heaven. I'm living for it.

It's tiny, too - which was causing some problems at first, but I think with the forecasted two freakin' feet of snow we're going to get this week, I'll get a chance to really play around with it.

That's all I've got for now - if you read all the way down here, thanks for dealing with my rambling! I hope you read something a little useful in here, whether or not you're a photographer, I think deep down the message is still relevant. You don't have to do something amazing every time you try - just do something.

That's definitely enough.

See you soon!

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