Welcoming Spring at Last!

There is nothing like the smell of spring, with the feeling of sun on your shoulders, the sight of flowers blooming all around, and the fresh, warm weather that just invites you to stay outside all day. Unless, of course, you have allergies. In that case, I'm sorry!

But as someone without allergies, and as someone whose absolute favorite season is Spring, I am completely in my element right now. I went out to Glick's Greenhouse in Oley over Easter Break and picked up all kinds of new flowers and plants, and today I went out an shot what was around my house for a bit. It just feels so great to be out in the sunshine!

There won't be too much going on here quite yet. Despite how badly I'd love to go out and shoot every day, sometimes I'm just busy, or don't have anywhere new to go! But I'm sure a few of you know that I have some pretty great trips planned out for this year. The first one is in May, then they continue for a while! And for those who come from similarly travel-loving families, you know the feeling - we're already planning next years vacations!

Hope you're all enjoying your Spring and you liked the photos! Feel free to like, comment, or share - anything is appreciated!

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