Dancing in the Rain

Hey there! This morning I joined my friend, occasional model, and talented dancer on a quick photoshoot! As someone with absolutely no dancing experience - well, I was really excited of course, but also found that I had absolutely no clue how to direct her!

And if you couldn't tell from the title, there was quite the downpour this morning. It didn't deter us as much as it annoyed us - and the humidity grew to be so bad that my glasses would randomly fog up!

Nonetheless, the two of us had a great time. I'm sure if it hadn't rained we would have been a bit more comfortable, but I think the overcast skies and water droplets added a dramatic tone to the images, especially with the white dress and my friends strength in posing!

This photoshoot was a pleasant and enjoyable warmup for all the projects that I have loaded up on my plate. I promise that you'll be seeing more from me soon!

If you enjoyed my photos, be sure to like and comment on your favorites! Happy July!

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