Diversify Your Creativity, or Die Trying

Maybe I went in a little too grim for that title. But isn't that the best way to make a point? It's been exactly two months since my last blog post, and I've been thinking a lot about what I might have to write about. For one, I have several exciting photoshoots coming up soon! But until those roll around I want to talk about how important it is to diversify your creativity, or die trying.

I've found that in times of hurt - which can manifest itself in so many different forms - there is no better band-aid than creativity. I know not everyone in the world describes themselves as 'a creative', nor would one persons definition of creativity fit everyone else's. But at its base, it's the ability to make. To see nothing and make something. It's a form of magic that we appreciate through media as often as we overlook in day to day life.

Sometimes the band-aid is really, truly just a band-aid though. We have to appreciate those times too! It's temporary, and that's okay. But when something hurts and you step outside to breath, take your camera, a notebook, and pen, some paint. Write something, cook something, read something - breath life into something! I think that's the best way to help any situation. I've only just turned 17 years old this month, and I accept that my experiences don't overlap with everyone else's. But this is the advice I can give - when it hurts, make something out of it.

Maybe I should lay off with the preaching and actually talk about what I wanted to talk about - right? I should apologize, but really, ask any one of my friends, I really love giving advice. But maybe in addition to using creativity as an outlet when you hurt, diversify it. I'm sure at some point we've all been told that we need to diversify some piece of our lives. Who we know, our portfolios, out aspirations - very simply, our creativity. I speak from experience - this is the best possible thing you can do. I have always been the type of person motivated my labels. I like being called a photographer - a writer, a painter. So when those little titles started to pile up, I realized that I had made the best choice ever. I took every question I had in my head - what if you tried to learn calligraphy? What if you started a bullet journal? (Don't worry, I'll have a post on that one pretty soon, as it's nearly my one year anniversary of starting mine!) What if you tried watercolor - what about oil paint? I took all those burning questions and decided to answer them all myself.

I think the reason I had such a strong urge to write this is because I want other people to feel this as well. It feels great! Because even when life hurts and you're just that tired, it's a reminder that not only are there more questions to ask, but also endless answers. And you really don't need to ask anyone except for yourself! I don't pretend to REALLY know what I'm doing (haha.... yeah, no) but if I've figured out anything, it's that I will never be the type to sit still, or stick to one thing. I really hope I'm not the only one out there. :)

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