Tranquil Spring Wedding with Christen & Rob

Shooting this absolutely beautiful spring wedding with Christen and Rob was SUCH a treat! To be perfectly candid, this was my first ever wedding - and I had such a blast working with this beautiful couple on their special day this month! The Spring House Tavern - and afterward the breathtaking Wayside Chapel - gave us the perfect backdrop for our day of shooting. These two had such a sweet story to go along with their love as well, and their adorable son, Danny, was so excited - and occasionally impatient... - about their special day!

We started the day at the Spring House Tavern, setting up some bouquets and preparing for a simple, yet sweet, brunch with close family! I just loved the intimacy of this wedding - their were fewer than 40 people in the room once everyone had arrived, so it was really sweet getting to know each guest by name!

Christen and Rob have the most adorable story I've ever heard! They both attended the exact same elementary school, down to the exact same class - they had the cutest photos sitting at each table of their elementary class photos! Guests were invited to try and figure out which child was Rob and which was Christen! Is that no the cutest idea you've ever heard?! Danny was also a fantastic help in getting everyone inside and seated, though he voiced on multiple occasions that he just wanted the ceremony to start already!

I totally adored all of the lovely details Christen and Rob added to the Gwynedd room. Christen totally rocked her floral dress, and the color scheme - sugar sweet white, teal, and pale yellow - suited the casual tones of the wedding just perfectly. I just couldn't get over all of the sweet details Christen and Rob included!

Once the ceremony was over, brunch was served! Every guest in the room was so excited to congratulate the lovely couple on their wedding day. We also had a lot of fun trying to figure out who was Christen and Rob in their elementary school photos. The beautiful cake, complete with an elegant and cute quote on top, was the perfect ending to a fantastic brunch. Absolutely everyone had a smile on their face and they looked at the newly wedded couple with SUCH delight!

Soon enough it was time to head to our second location of the wedding day, the Wayside Chapel! Christen and Rob had this location picked out before hand and I was so happy to see how bright and beautiful it was when we arrived! May is such a beautiful time for portraits. Everything is bright and blooming, and it was such a perfect day for a wedding! We were also joined by Danny once more, along with Christen's parents and sister! I'm so happy with how all of our Wayside Chapel photos turned out!

I'm so grateful to have photographed Christen and Rob's wedding day at the Spring House Tavern! I'm so happy to be able to say I've shot a wedding before, and it's an incredibly valuable addition to my portfolio. I can say with certainty that everything about this sweet, simple May wedding went off without a hitch! Thank you so much for reading, and let me know what you thought about this wedding shoot!

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