Early Morning Portraits with Sam and Punk - Honey Brook, PA

This morning I met the beautiful photographer, Sam (@worthh_a_shot on Facebook and Instagram) on her farm in Honey Brooke! We had a crazy exciting plan to capture her alongside her handsome horse, Punk, around the property. Sam competes in her free time, when she's not photographing horses for other riders! If you have a spare moment, I highly recomend checking out her work on social media! Her portfolio is absolutely gorgeous - which was why I was so, so, so excited when she reached out to me about taking portraits for her!

I'm sure any other photographers reading this will agree - we don't get photographed as much as our friends do! Ask anyone I go out with and they'll confirm I can never help taking photos of them when the light is just right or they're concentrating on something they love. Sam and I agreed on that point, and wasn't completely sure about being the sole subject on the other side of the camera. While I think she and Punk made quite the pair, I still love the few photos I got of Sam on her own, especially in that wine-red dress! I think combined with Punk's white coat, the stark contrast made her portraits even more eye-catching!

Although it wasn't (completely) intentional, I think Sam and I achieved an almost fantasy-like, Snow White-esque vibe with these portraits. I was totally floored when Sam lifted herself up onto Punk! It was so exciting to capture photos of these two together. They had a natural chemistry, Punk being stubborn and Sam guiding him gently through the forest around her farm. Don't you agree these two are natural models?

Even though I wrapped on editing a little while ago, I still find these photos so exciting! It was incredible to capture Punk's movements and Sam's love for him. I got to watch Punk get a bath and dry in the barn, while meeting all the other horses Sam had gotten to know over time. I'm so thankful we got in touch and brought our ideas to life! I hope you've enjoyed this glance at Sam and Punk's portrait session. Don't forget to let me know what you think - which photograph is your favorite?






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