Blue Marsh Lake Sunset Photoshoot with Sarah

Spending the evening at Blue Marsh Lake with Sarah, one of my absolute favorite models, was such a treat. Everything about our sunset session came together just right. The skies were clear - a miracle compared to Pennsylvania's recent weather - and Sarah is so easy-going. As you can see, she's open to doing absolutely anything to grab the shot I'm looking for - sitting in trees, sitting in the lake, and playing with sparklers as the sun set behind us. I was lucky enough to receive my new lens in the mail, a 35mm f/1.8, right before heading out of the house! Another bonus!

Sarah and I did what we could to channel her inner mother-nature-ocean-goddess - despite being at a lake! Everything about the light last night was too perfect. We stayed at the lake for hours watching the light change over the water. There were only a few other people walking along the beach - we had the whole area to explore! Blue Marsh Lake could not have been a more perfect location. From the willow trees to the shallow water and soft sand, I was so excited when we arrived that evening.

And can we PLEASE talk about the modeling magic that Sarah always gives me? She's my go-to for trying out new lenses, new locations, and new styles. She never fails to help me experiment, branch out, and she's helped me grow as a photographer. I love comparing the photos I took of her one year ago versus today - so much has changed and she's still willing to go out to new places and shoot with me any time.

We brought out the sparklers as the sun fell behind the trees behind us - this is one of my favorite times to shoot, when the world gets a little less gold, a little more blue, and still just as beautiful. I wanted to incorporate a little bit of magic at dusk as well. I kept the sparklers a secret until the sun went down and Sarah was so excited when we brought them to life! This shoot went beyond my expectations and I'm so happy that we visited Blue Marsh Lake.

Thank you so much for following along on this sunset photoshoot with Sarah! If you'd like to book portraits like these - seniors, engagements, maternity shoots, weddings, and more - click the Contact button at the top of my website and send me a message any time! Thanks again for reading, and let me know which photos were your favorite!

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