Rogue Prince Fantasy Photoshoot with Drew

Summer is finally falling away behind us - if you don’t follow me on Instagram (@juliabrunsphotography) then you might not have heard how much I absolutely love fall. It’s such an inspiring time of year and I have so many ideas on how to utilize the changing season for all kinds of creative projects. This ‘fallen prince’ photoshoot with Drew was the perfect way to break into the new creative season!

Drew and I didn’t have to go far to capture the portraits I’d been sketching for weeks. He grew up on a farm with several horses, and I’m so grateful I was able to use his land to explore. We were accompanied by the beautiful Thoroughbred, Captain, who actually shared a birthday with Drew! Captain was handsome and patient as we brought him out into the buggy humidity. Despite the sweat and occasional mud, these portraits went so far beyond my expectations!

I think Drew was the perfect model for this shoot. I think his bright blue hair added another perfect touch of fantasy to the shoot. I was lucky enough to pick up that crown online, and it arrived hours before our shoot! It was also quite the coincidence that his suspenders matched his hair color... yeah, we definitely didn’t do that on purpose.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glance into a fall season filled with lots of creative activity! Let me know what you thought of this portrait session with Drew - don’t forget to follow along on my Instagram to see behind the scenes, sneak peaks, and editing videos!

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