Forest Witch Photoshoot with Keely - Douglassville, PA

I know it's not quite October yet - I promise you, I know. But how could I possibly ignore the most significant, magnificent, just all-around fabulous holiday of the year this long?! September is pre-Halloween, okay? It's official. And to finally (finally!) kick off what my friends have affectionately named 'spooky season', Keely and I ventured to the dark side to capture these witchy portraits out in the woods! Keely is a natural model and when she responded my model call, I was just way too excited. I'm so grateful that we were able to find some time to get together and make this magic happen!

I ordered these smoke bombs from a paint ball website a few weeks ago, and they came just a couple days before the shoot. Just like my favorite shot from this session (the first one!) was unplanned, I had no idea we'd be using the smoke bombs today. I threw them in the bag on a whim - and I'm so freaking happy that I did! I loved the stark contrast and spooky vibe they provided. Keely was a natural model and knew exactly what to do when the camera was on her. I had found that old-fashioned oil lantern just a day before at my favorite antique store - so, basically, my excitement for this shoot could not have been understated.

If nothing else, these photos have me fully convinced Keely should be pursuing more modeling! I can't wait to work with her more in the future. Thank you so much for reading through this little snippet about our fantasy photoshoot! If you liked it, feel free to share it and let me know which photo was your absolute favorite. And if you loved it - don't worry, there will be all kinds of Halloween creatures on your timeline soon. Thanks again and happy September!

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