Magical Literature-Inspired Portrait Session with Abby - Douglassville, PA

Welcome back to the blog - I know it's been, like, a day since my last posting, and to any grumbles about my constant sharing I say - get ready to deal with this for a while! October is booked solid with all kinds of crazy awesome creative projects, and I'll be sharing them all over social media during the upcoming fall season! This photo shoot with Abby was the definition of a DREAM. She's a natural model, and one of the first I ever worked with a few years ago! I really loved the photos from our first session, but with all the growth I've experienced in the past year, I was so excited to work with my friend once again.

The inspiration for this photo shoot was our mutual love for both Harry Potter, and reading in general. Abby and I have been close friends for years and definitely used the magical elements a lot during this shoot. She's always down to try new things, and is totally patient while I'm messing around in photoshop and trying new things! Editing - in particular adding elements to an image - has never been my strong suit. I'm working hard to get better even if its all with small steps!

Thank you so much for following along with this magical portrait session! I've got plenty more planned for the rest of the season and you'll be seeing it all - don't forget, the creative season extends much further than October, so hit the 'contact' button and book your session today! Thanks for reading!

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