Stephen King’s ‘It’-Inspired Photoshoot with Sydney - Oley, PA

This was the kind of shoot I’ve been planning for just about weeks now. My family is complete nuts for anything Stephen King - I grew up addicted to the horror genre and having the opportunity to bring this amazing story to life was such a dream!

Sydney was the definition of a trooper for this shoot. We did all kinds of hiking around Monocacy Hill, and then ventured over to the absolutely beautiful covered bridge in Oley to capture the photos I’d been dreaming of for weeks. Sydney marched through mosquitoes, mud, and snakes (okay, I’m exaggerating... a little bit...) to get these dream shots. I think Sydney was perfect for this shoot - she kept such a great even face for two hours, and kept up with our balloons flying all over the place! Especially with these creative sessions, it’s so great to have a model who’s willing to try things out, and doesn’t mind getting a little dirty for the shot!

A big thank you to all the support I’ve been receiving lately from these creative photoshoots. I’m so thankful to be surrounded by such supportive people - I hope you all continue to enjoy these sessions, and happy October!

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