Jocelyn's Forest Princess Photoshoot - Berks County, PA

Last week, Jocelyn and I ventured out in the woods to capture these fantasy-inspired photos! I am so excited to finally share the results with you - I've been busier than ever lately so making sure every photo was edited individually with care was no small task! But working with Jocelyn was such a dream and I'm so excited I finally get to send these photos to her. She's Rapunzels twin and I couldn't think of someone more perfect for the idea I had! I have quite a few more blog posts on their way for the next two weeks, but once December hits it looks like my work will (finally? maybe??) be slowing down! I hope everyone is enjoying this chilly November week - thank you so much for reading, and don't forget to have a scroll through Jocelyn's collection to let me know your thoughts!

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