Taylor and Robert's Valley Forge Sunset Session - Valley Forge, PA

I am just SO excited to share these photos of Taylor and Robert! Their couples session at Valley Forge last week was honestly such a blast. Taylor and Robert were so sweet, so fun to talk to, and willing to try anything! All three of us had a blast driving around Valley Forge, pulling off into parking lots left and right to capture their relationship in the golden light. Taylor and Robert have been married for almost 5 years now, and they have such great chemistry - I loved joking around with them and you can see their relationship shine in every photo! Valley Forge has been a favorite spot lately - I have two couples that were unfortunately pushed to next weekend due to the snow, but I'll be back up there very soon! Thank you all so much for reading - make sure to scroll down and have a look through the rest of Taylor and Robert's collection! Let me know which shot was your favorite!

-Julia Bruns



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