Katie and AJ's Longwood Gardens Engagement Session - Kennet Square, PA

Sometimes a shoot really just doesn't go as planned. Whether it's the elements, random interruptions, or unpredicted changes, no session ever goes perfectly as expected. And that's what makes them so wonderful - and that's what made Katie and AJ's engagement session so perfect! Longwood Gardens was predictively packed, and we were only inside for about 15 minutes before the rain started falling. I was most certainly out of my comfort zone, and for the first half of our shoot, it definitely showed. I've never worked in such a contained environment before - I'm always out in an open field somewhere, and having to wait for people all around us to move was so tiring. But these two were adventurous enough to step out into the rain, and that's exactly where the magic happened. Although these definitely aren't my typical photos, I'm still so excited to share them with everyone. Maybe it's also a much needed reminder for anyone else out there who has had to confront a situation like this - things don't always go as planned, but if you take it in stride, it will turn out just fine! :) Happy Sunday, everyone, and thanks for reading!

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