Announcing my Brand New Patreon!

This blog post is 100% different than anything I've posted online before. It's made me nervous, hesitant, and I didn't really know how to start the conversation. I'm a creator at heart - there is nothing I love more than capturing moments, whether it's for seniors, couples, and wedding, or to experience magic and fantasy, and bring fairytales to life in the real world. I like trying new things and in every aspect of the phrase I don't mind the money and time it takes to make the art that I want to make. In addition to that, I find asking for help extremely difficult. Which is why this is such a drawn out post. sigh

I'll try and get right into it now. For those who don't know what a Patreon is, in essence creators and artists (such as myself!) can create accounts and share original, behind the scenes, or premium content for Patrons (just like you!) who can pledge money per month to support artists. Each Patreon can create different tiers (I have three - $1, $3, and $6) that you can subscribe to in order to show support for their art. It's a way for artists like myself to continue to create art on a budget. And it's something I've thought about making for few months now, but always hesitated on. Was I enough of an artist? Would people actually want to give me any money? Would I be able to make this post and do it?

I can't answer all the questions that I've been asking myself. All I could do was go ahead and make the Patreon - and all I can do is share it with people who have shown endless support for me in 2018 as I've grown as an artist. Have a look through my page - check out the tiers, read about the benefits, and think about pledging to be a Patron for my art! If you're unsure about anything, or you have any specific questions about the what/where/when of the Patron-exclusive content I'll be producing, feel free to send me a message any time and I could explain it a bit further for you!

I truly wanted to thank everyone who has shown me so many different kinds of support this past year! This certainly won't be my last blog post of the year, but as I'm asking for additional support I can't help but express gratitude for all the shares, likes, comments, bookings, and chats of this past year! Even just having a look at my Patreon page would mean a lot to me. I am so excited to continue to grow and make art in the new year. Thank you all so much again, and Merry Christmas!

-Julia Bruns

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