Anna’s Sunny Senior Session at Blue Marsh

Anna and I just shared a fantastic senior session at Blue Marsh Lake and the Reading Public Art Museum! We had an amazing time capturing photos in the sun. Anna is an adorably awesome high school junior who I met at work - she was totally down to try any pose I was thinking of and we had a blast! Blue Marsh Lake and the Reading Public Art Museum are two of my favorite local spots for photos. We had such fantastic, golden light at both locations but nothing beats how the early summer sun looks on the lake! Anna looked so beautiful in both her outfits and I was so happy that we got to spend some time together and capture some memories! I’ve got a few more awesome senior sessions scheduled to hit the blog in the next two weeks, so stay tuned for me! Have a look through Anna’s collection and let me know which one is your favorite! 

-Julia Bruns 

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