Julie and Eric's Philadelphia Summer Wedding - The Maas Building

Capturing Julie and Eric's wedding this past month was absolutely the party of the season! Working in The Maas Building was just a dream come true as a photographer. It had such a dynamic combination of indoor and outdoor areas, space to dance, relax, and have a drink. I loved the combination of rustic and industrial styles! We had such perfect weather (which is crazy compared to Pennsylvania's stormy summer as of late...) and I'm so happy to finally be sharing more photos from Julie and Eric's wedding day! I loved seeing the bridal party get ready together. Everyone was genuinely SO excited that Julie and Eric's magical day was finally here! Gillian Staudt did such a fantastic job with Julie's hair - the flowers were such a whimsical touch! We worked with a fantastic makeup artist, Megan Sawyer, who was so much fun and did such a fantastic job with the bridesmaids! It was so fun getting ready together and these genuine moments are definitely some of my favorites!

The Maas Building had such a unique and versatile space for Julie and Eric's ceremony! The bridal party walked through the garden - a peaceful little oasis in the bustling city - and gathered together at the altar. Julie looked nothing short of radiant as she walked down the aisle! I loved all of the fantastic and excited energy coming from all their friends and family! I'm lucky enough to be a part of the magic of a wedding day, and some of that magic truly is becoming friends with the bride, the bridal party, and everyone hopefully awaiting the big moment in their seats! Julie and Eric's vows were SO adorable and funny. I loved that Julie had vows for Eric's son as well. It was such a touching moment! Finally it was time for these two to share their magical kiss as bride and groom! Julie and Eric shared an emotional embrace after a tender kiss - and finally turned out to their friends and family as husband and wife!

Spending time with Julie and Eric's awesome bridal party was SO much fun! We left the venue right after the ceremony and ventured around the streets of Philadelphia! Right down the street Julie had found this really beautiful mural to stop and take some photos! As you can see, we made a few friends along the way... It was such a perfect day, and I'm so thankful for all the beautiful sunlight and clear skies we captured in the background of these photos! Everyone was so excited to get together and capture these moments. I love that everyone managed to have fun and still get the perfect shot! Looking back on Julie and Eric's day, I think these photos are definitely some of my favorites!

Julie and Eric prepared a fantastic feast for everyone to enjoy before the reception! The catering my Mission Barbecue was much appreciated by every guest. I loved all the beautiful details provided by both the Maas Building and Julie! It was so interesting to see the space transform from a ceremony to a reception just by unfolding some doors and bringing out the tables! Julie did such a great job with her maroon and navy color scheme (it went so well with the neutral flowers and tables!) and I loved that the Maas Building had its own little fire pit for s'mores! Truly such a unique indoor/outdoor space for any event, I couldn't have imagined Julie and Eric's celebration anywhere else! After enjoying some delicious dinner and hearing some frankly hilarious toasts, I had another quick moment to spend with just Julie and Eric on some portraits as well!

If you could take a second right now and think of the best party you have ever been to - I can promise you right now, Julie and Eric's reception was at LEAST 5 times as fun as that party! I absolutely loved capturing all the joy and fun on the dance floor! Everyone was so excited to see Julie and Eric join each other inside as husband and wife - but they might have been even MORE excited to step out onto the dance floor themselves! I seriously cannot get over how hilarious some of these photos are. We finished up the night, dancing until it got dark, and I was so sad to say goodbye to Julie, Eric, and all their wonderful friends and family! This was such an exciting wedding I got to capture this June, and I hope you adore these photos as much as I do!

-Julia Bruns Photography





The Maas Building


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