you have been personally invited to my first ever

Summer Photography Retreat!

The Basics

August 17th-20th, 2021

We will be staying at a 6 bedroom farmhouse on 130 acres of Pennsylvania wilds

There are 9 open spots for photographers and models to join

Total cost of the trip is $115 per attendee to cover the cost of the farmhouse, some food, props, and wardrobe supplied by Julia.


You may be required to share a room with another attendee based on the layout of the air mattresses. Although the space is large this will be a cozy trip with plenty of chances to get to know each other as creatives! I appreciate your cooperation and willingness to share the space with others.

Transportation will not be provided to this retreat, however carpooling is encouraged. Upon booking you will fill out a biography and contact form that will be shared with other attendees so we can get to know one another.

The retreat has no specific theme and you are welcome to bring any props, gear, wardrobe, or ideas with you! Not everyone creates the same and that is absolutely okay. If you are just looking to get away and photograph nature, try new concepts, gain experience as a model, or boost your portfolio, these are all great reasons to attend.

You also do not need any certain level of skill or experience to attend. This is a creative trip intended to help you collaborate with others and add to your portfolio. This is not an educational workshop, however there is always much to be learned by working with others!

Now that we've gotten the basics over, let's talk about some more details! You have been personally invited, either as a model or photographer, to my first ever creative photography retreat. This is a three night event in Liberty, PA designed for you to boost your portfolio and network with other creatives.

There are 9 open spots for models and photographers to join, 6 of which will have their own bed and 3 of which will be on an air mattress, set up in a common space or sharing a room with another attendee.

Julia will be supplying a variety of prop and wardrobe items that are free to use while attending. This is a partially planned event, which means there will be a rough itinerary with optional events/shoots, but mainly you will have free time to explore, shoot, and plan with others on 130 acres of land.

Spots are first come first serve - half of the $115 ticket is due upon your reservation, and the other half is due before August 1st, 2021. Proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test is required to attend this retreat.




Whew - that covers just about everything! This trip was designed for models and photographers I think would make a great fit. I personally thought of you as an attendee and I would be truly ecstatic if you considered attending in August!

That being said, I am always here if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. I'd love any feedback and I'm happy to answer and queries at any time.

If you are ready to join along and start the booking process, you can either reply to me and let me know directly, or click this link below to fill out a biography form that will designate your participation!