Recommended Vendors

This is my tried and true list of recommended vendors. I hope you can use this is a valuable resource in finding the perfect vendors for your magical wedding day!
*These vendors are not affiliated with Julia Bruns Photography


Ken Duggarz (DJ Chicken Nugget)

Bryan Shark

Jared Biddy

CBM Production

DJ Chris Pyle


Fairy Cake Bakery

The Baker's Touch

Beverly Bakery

Makeup Artists

Sarah Elizabeth FACE (also does hair)

Megan Sawyer

Anna Sky Beauty

Royals Beauty


The Rustic Bunch

Gina Stinson

William Penn Inn Flower Company

Hair Stylists

Gillian Staudt

Shelby Weatherholtz


George Washington Hotel

Reinhart's Tree Farm

Oakbourne Mansion

The Maas Building

Chantry Place

The Landenberg Barn

Rocky Top Lodge